Industrial Strength Training

With 30 ft. ceilings, exposed beams, and 7000 sq. ft. of training space, the aesthetic of the gym reflects our industrial strength approach to fitness. The facility not only houses training tools suitable for experts and novices alike, but also enough floor space for real physical training to occur.

Unlike most commercial gyms, we’ve purposely avoided cluttering our facility with machines, allowing our clients ample room to move freely.  We employ free weights, such as Olympic bars and bumpers, dumbbells, kettlebells, and medicine balls. We also incorporate an array of bodyweight exercises utilizing resistance bands, rings, ropes, and pull-up bars.


We teach proper biomechanics to increase human performance. Our method of physical training is functional. Our training modalities have real world applications. We continue to learn from the best coaches, educators, and researchers in the world.

We pride ourselves on being one of the most inclusive, supportive, motivational, and successful fitness environments in the area.

An Intimate Atmosphere

Our members enjoy the benefits of rigorous training while taking in the ambiance offered by a relaxed setting.  With ample (and free) off-street parking, the Ice Chamber is a common meeting place for our friends, families, and nature lovers who leave their workouts and then head out to the shoreline of the Bay Trail and Pt. Isabel Dog Park.

We also offer private showers, a family lounge, and a dog friendly environment which all make the Ice Chamber feel like a home away from home.