Starter Pack

The Ice Chamber Starter Pack is a prerequisite course designed to provide you with the fundamentals needed to transition into one of our popular group classes.

It is also an introductory program for anyone with prior injuries and/or physical imbalances. This course will help us determine if Ice Chamber group classes are appropriate for your needs.

This course is comprised of two 60 minute sessions, which includes a fitness evaluation (non-intrusive body fat & BMI testing), biomechanical and athletic mobility analysis, as well as technical introductions to the core movements and exercises utilized at the Ice Chamber so that you can jump right into our group classes at any time.  Please be ready to work out during your introductory sessions as well.

Completing the Starter Pack course is a requirement for anyone interested in joining our group classes.

Ice Chamber Starter Pack: $200

Please complete our online profile form before checking out.

(please note that any client who have had more than a 24 month hiatus will be required to attend a complimentary short refresher / evaluation meeting.  We will determine if that starter pack will be a prerequisite after the refresher / evaluation meeting.)

IceChamber Starter Pack