In our popular results-driven classes, you can expect challenging climbs, great energy and low-lighting coupled with hip diverse music.  You will be inspired to work hard and discover new places within yourself each time you ride.  Some students burn as many as 600 calories in 45 minutes because our certified SPIN instructors know how to help you maximize your inward journey.

Please note that class registration opens approximately 23 hours prior to class time.

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Due to the popularity of the Saturday morning SPIN Class, bikes are available on a first come first serve basis.  However, please use the following guidelines:

1) There are only 3 bikes available for ONLINE reservations starting on Friday morning.  Please be aware that if you can not find an available bike online during the Friday morning reservation period, it simply means that all the bikes have been reserved.  We are not available to make special arrangements on Friday morning.  Please contact Sara prior to Friday to address any problems or concerns you may have regarding online reservations.

2)  You are expected to be sitting on your bike by 9:05 am – 10 minutes prior to the start of SPIN class (9:15 am).  If you are not physically on your bike by 9:05 am, the bike will be given to another person.

3) As a friendly reminder, please be mindful that you can not hold a bike for someone that is not physically at the gym.  Even if a person has come in and placed their belongings on a bike, his/her reservation will be voided if the person leaves the facility.

Thank you all for your cooperation!

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New members: please complete profile and waiver prior to booking classes

Flex Access members: please email us to activate your online account