Personal Training

pt2014001If you need help with consistency in order to meet your goals or simply to adopt a healthier lifestyle, a personal training program may be the right fit for you.

Personal Training (One-on-One Training) is the best way for you to identify and accomplish your specific fitness goals. Our specialized training staff are not only highly qualified and sought after, but are compassionate and results driven! Whether you are preparing for your next triathlon or attempting to lose your first 10 pounds, our personal training programs are customized to help you produce superior results. We provide a game plan that includes exercise programming, technical coaching, nutritional counseling, and progress tracking to ensure that you surpass any fitness goals you set out to achieve.

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Personal Training Rates

Personal Training: $55 / 30 minute session
Buddy Sessions (2 person session): $90 ($45 per person) / 30 minute session
Principal Trainers (Steven Khuong, CSCS or Maya Garcia, CSCS): $115 / 30 minute session
Kettlebell Lifting (Master Trainers): $110 / One hour session

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