Kettlebell Lifting

Master of Sport, Surya-Voinar Fowler, is the 1st American Female lifter to medal in Russia

After traveling to Greece, Ukraine, Latvia, Croatia, and Russia to study world class kettlebell methods, we built a curriculum that is founded on technical execution, efficiency, and excellence.   We elicit methodologies learned from some of the greatest champions in kettlebell history, such as Valery Fedorenko, Fedor Fuglev, Ivan Denisov, Anton Anasenko, and Sergei Kirillov, while applying our own brand of contextual programming.  As a result, we have produced the most successful competition team in America, consistently earning Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals in National and World Championships, as well as holding North American and World Records in Snatch, Biathlon, and Long Cycle.  To date, we have produced 7 Masters of Sport and 2 Masters of Sport World Class in Kettlebell Lifting (Kettlebell Sport) – more than any other single team in the country.

The Ice Chamber Kettlebell Team is comprised of Master Trainers and Masters of Sport, providing the best in Kettlebell instruction to individuals, trainers, and Fortune 500 companies.  Holding the highest standards in the industry, our programming is unparalleled in performance, quality, and safety.

Kettlebells have proven to be a powerful training tool when used for ballistic multi-joint movements requiring full body integration and core stabilization. Kettlebell methods were designed to increase strength, stamina, and coordination by challenging our muscular, cardiovascular and central nervous systems simultaneously. These fast effective workouts also help to burn fat and improve flexibility.

Train and get fit with some of the top kettlebell lifters in the country in a fun, safe, and supportive environment. All age groups and fitness levels welcome.

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