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Stretch and Restore

Stretching | March 19, 2015


Saturdays mornings are filling fast with Stretch and Restore participants.  Be sure to arrive at 8am to find space!


Stretching | May 21, 2014


Unwind with our stretch and restore class.  All creatures welcomed.

Restoration is Necessity

Thank you Elisabeth for keeping us resilient!

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The Saturday Morning Report


Thanks to KB Coach Sara, ICKB lifters attended Elisabeth’s Stretch & Restore class in preparation for the West Coast Classic Kettlebell Championships next month.


Partner agility and locomotion during Core class


Alice making the hip-bridge/dumbbell chest press look easy


Mary Dang is back home at the IC!


Monica supporting her sister Martha through a brutal set of sit-up/press-up in preparation for Martha’s upcoming wedding in June.

Stretch Yourself with Kirk

Group Workouts, Stretching | October 1, 2013

Every Wednesday at 9AM and 10AM, Kirk teaches a Pilates / Boot Camp combo class — a perfect formula for fitness. If you are in need of additional restoration and balance, join us for this “Stretch & Restore” class at 10:45AM which has become a popular supplement for 10AM boot campers.



Assisted Restoration

Group Workouts, Stretching | July 31, 2013


Partner assisted deep tissue work with Kirk today.

Don’t Forget to Stretch

Deep Thoughts, Stretching | October 15, 2012

Recovery techniques such as the Egoscue Method have proven to be a great equalizer for high intensity training at the IC.  Many people with chronic pains have experienced remarkable improvements after working with Johnny.  If you suspect you are in need of a postural / muscular tune-up, be sure to contact us to schedule your therapy session!

Balance Movement on Wednesdays

Group Workouts, Stretching | October 3, 2012

Attending Kirk’s Stretch & Restore format on Wednesdays has been well worth the time and effort for those in need of some mid-week restoration and extra TLC for their aches and pains.  Check out these happy IC Bootcampers this morning! The word is spreading quickly…

Restoration Nation

Group Workouts, Stretching | August 11, 2012

Feeling good at 8:15am this morning

Considering all of the Summer activities we’ve been hearing about including camping trips, swim meets, and long plane rides, it’s no wonder Stretch & Restore classes have been the talk of the town!

Beginning this Wednesday, Stretch & Restore will be expanded to a 45 minute format with Kirk immediately following Boot Camp at 10:45am.  Come check it out; your body will thank you for it!


Group Workouts, Stretching | October 19, 2011

Nate, Chris, Mitzi, Lisa, and Ann

Holding this basic yoga pose is not easy when your heart rate is near maximal.