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Naomi Postpartum

Congratulations Naomi!

“Kai was born on March 25th at 9:26am, at 8lbs 3 oz and just over 21 inches. After all the work I did at the gym with Sara, preparing mentally and physically for a demanding and lengthy first-time labor, we were surprised by a very very fast delivery. From my first contractions to holding Kai in my arms, I was in labor just under 4 hours (so fast that I had to get to Alta Bates by emergency ambulance). I am sure all those squats and presses helped. :)”

“Thanks to Sara’s excellent coaching, I was feeling good and walking 5+ mile walks up into the Berkeley hills and pressing and squatting right up to my due date, and my postpartum recovery has been pretty quick so far, too. I was back at the Ice Chamber 2 weeks after the birth… doing more stretching and resistance than anything heavy, but it’s been wonderful to see my physical endurance and core strength starting to return, and I’m feeling better/stronger every day. I can’t wait to lift heavy again. :)”

Another Postpartum Success Story

Does Becky look like a woman with two young children under 3 years of age? We thought her comeback after her first child was impressive, but Becky is determined to take it to the next level this time.  With her daughter still in diapers. Becky might have won the postpartum trophy of the year!

Comeback Mom

Parents, People, Postpartum Comeback | February 10, 2012

Lauren Todd, 8 weeks postpartum.

Ann T’s Journey

IC rock stars, Ann and Mark, will be moving to San Mateo next month and we are sad to say today was their last day at the Chamber.  Combined, they have lost over 100 lbs. with us in less than one year!

Here is what Ann had to say about their journey:

“In my fat pic I was around 230; the post pic I am 165.  I think I was around 190 when I joined the IC ~ now I’m slimmer with a lot more muscle.  :)  Pretty dramatic change that couldn’t be done without IC workouts.  In general my weight has been the most stable in my life training here.  Really gonna miss it!

I will forever be appreciative and grateful for such an inspiring, positive & driven community of athletes ~ Being encouraged & pushed beyond what I thought were my capabilities (out of water).  Never underestimate what you give to your members as it has deeply transformed our lives on every level!!! We’ve gained confidence, a lot of strength, and Mark remains off prednisone… priceless.

I’m just SO grateful to have experienced your program; I’ll miss the creative and challenging workouts.  What was once a struggle has become a routine ~ I wish you & your family the best!  Never underestimate the difference you make; you’ve completely changed our lives!
Together we are 100lbs less because of you & the IC!  That’s a lot less baggage!”
– Ann Torrey

Starting Young

How cute is baby Frank?!

Let’s be Frank, after a couple of years at the Chamber, this is what a family outing now looks like in the Walker household.

Bear’s Cubs

Sara is acclimating to the demands of motherhood (x2) like a true champ! Luci & Gavin are adorable beyond words — they’re strong and healthy just like their mama. Sara did a tremendous job incubating her little ones for nearly ten months while teaching every one of her IC classes up until just last week. “I would go crazy if I was just sitting at home waiting for them to arrive,” she often said.  Was anyone surprised by her superhuman stamina?  It was awesome to witness.

Sara with Luci and Gavin (in yellow)

Although we already miss Sara’s wonderful guidance in class, we are excited about this next chapter in her life.  Speaking of which, are there any special tips or words of wisdom that you think Sara Bear would benefit from as she navigates through this first week of parenthood?  Do share!

Luci and Gavin, two perfect peas in a pod

Defining Your Own Prenatal Success

Showing off that pregnancy glow while overlooking the Acropolis

Check out Maya’s latest article featuring Sara’s prenatal training experience on Athleta Chi…

Jessica’s Postpartum Training

Mother and Son

Kids, Parents, People, Postpartum Comeback | September 22, 2010


Some of you may remember Becky from 2 years ago (right before her wedding).  Well, she’s back with son Davey in arms!

Starting Young


Jennifer and Elijah incorporate the little ones into bootcamp regularly.