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Next Generation

Check out our young Kettlebell Lifters speak about their experiences!

Emma and Family KB


Emma, Will, Kim and Tom takes kettlebell classes together weekly.  We love the family bonding that occurs in the fitness context.

Back on the Grind


Roughly 400 with chains.  Good warm-up for BattleZone.

Using Triple Extension for Work


With ankle, knee, and hip extension, the 50lb sandbag is reduced to a feather. Good work Karina!

Haakon Rising

Community Highlights, Kids | March 16, 2015


HI Steve-
Well, last year Haakon first beat Rune at SUP racing and still does.  This weekend Haakon placed 2nd in the Covewater Paddle Classic at Cowells in surfing (no ages groups, all competitors).  He and Rune were in the same heat, and Haakon beat his Dad.  That was after the six mile race.  So the training at the IC- awesome way to help him reach his goals!
Today is a rest day for him, so you will see him on Wed.
See you soon!

Eduardo Wins Silver Medal at Pan Ams


Congratulations to Eduardo for winning the Silver Medal at the IBJJF Pan American Championships over the weekend.  He has worked his butt off preparing for this event and it has paid big dividends.

Eduardo lost the Gold Medal decision to referee subjectivity.  The score was 0-0!

We are extremely proud of this guy for his work ethic and humility!




IC Member Profile: Elaine

Community Highlights | March 15, 2015


I started IC in Nov 2009 in order to find a more effective way of exercising. In the last five years, Ice Chamber has changed my life. I appreciate the blog entries on training, fitness, and competing in kettlebells. With positive energy, the staff mix up the routines of the classes. The people who attend are dedicated and encouraging; it’s like a large family.

I am a music and art educator with a background in graphic design; I love teaching piano and book arts classes to kids and adults.I also make handcrafted items—handbound journals, jewelry, and sock creatures.

These days, I find Ice Chamber helps my strength and stamina in various ways. When I participate in multi-day craft shows, I have the energy to haul my things back and forth. As a beginner skiier in my 40s, I managed to keep up with my family. Recently my husband introduced me to mountain biking. I honestly think these activities have been possible for me, mostly due to the Ice Chamber workouts! Thanks to IC, I feel fit and stronger and have made exercise an integral part of my life.

IC Member Profile: Chris

Community Highlights | March 14, 2015


I started coming just after my 40th birthday, 8 years ago.  I figure I have been to the IC at least 1,600 times so it is an integral part of my daily life!
The IC is my rudder.  It is the first thing I accomplish and feel good about each day.  I love sharing the workout with a partner/group/class as the shared effort motivates me to hang in there and do more than I would have on my own!  I love not knowing what is coming each day, the unbelievable daily energy, good humor, creativity and reliability of the teachers, and the music.  It is also the right blend of competitiveness, group work, and challenges.  I love the community … everyone is super friendly and I see folks all over town wherever I go! And finally, the IC has motivated me to do three substantial races/physical challenges that I never would have done otherwise.

I am the father of three children … a son who is a sophomore at the University of Michigan (where I also went), a son who is a sophomore at Berkeley High, and a daughter at Prospect Sierra middle school.  I have a wonderful life partner in another IC member — Gretchen Davidson, whom I met at the IC!!!  I have a real estate investment and development company based in downtown Berkeley and live in North Berkeley.

IC Member Profile: Gretchen

Community Highlights | March 14, 2015


I started at the Ice Chamber around 6-7 years ago. We were still in the old building . I have been a dedicated runner since the age of 15. I heard great things about the IC and at age 43 I decided I needed to gain core strength and shape up other things besides my heart and legs!

I love the atmosphere. I love the positive energy. I love the absence of mirrors everywhere. I love the fact that every single person who comes into the gym is welcomed with open arms and a hearty smile.  Added bonus – Meeting the man of my dreams: Chris Brawer!!! (Do not expect  these results at home.)

I was born in Texas and moved to Marin when I was 13. I studied psychology at UC Davis and have worked in human resources my whole adult life. Fun facts: I was in several tv commercials as a teenager, dealt blackjack in Tahoe one summer, and have been a singer in choirs throughout my entire life.  Proudest of the fact that I raised my two kids into adulthood solo and survived — end result: thicker skin, thinner wallet, intensified sense of humor, and lot of humility.

Farewell Melissa and Mark

Community Highlights | March 2, 2015

mark and melissa

Sending love and prosperity to our IC Family Melissa, Mark, and Isa!  We will miss you, but look forward to your visits in the future.  Mahalo!