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Sprint to the end a la Miki Tal.

Share Your Garden

Community Highlights, Events, Food | August 10, 2014


For week 2 of the August Theme Challenge, share your garden with Ice Chamber by bringing in homegrown flowers, produce, herbs, etc.

veggie garden

A special shoutout to those who biked to bootcamp last week: Gwenn, Lee B., Toby B., Marc B., Ann B., Patty H., Jen K., Mary S., and Candy S. Especially Patty H. for riding in FOUR times!


Miriam’s Progress


“This Sunday I finished the SF Half Marathon and got a PR.  No world records, but way faster than any previous 1/2 marathon I’ve done.  First step to accomplishing something like this is, for me anyway, to sign up without actually thinking thru the details too much.  Follow that by realizing what you’ve agreed to do and the find some serious help.

So many thanks to Jess, Elisabeth and Brittany for supporting me.  Specifically, Brittany, for making me go faster than I really wanted to, Elisabeth, for getting me to reconsider carbs, protein and their relationship to my performance (and helping me loose 7 lbs and 3.5% body fat in the process), and Jess for knowing exactly how hard I could go on any specific day and then pushing me just 10% harder.

The downside: now I have a tough PR to beat at the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in October.”



When you grow up in the gym…

Community Highlights, Kids | August 7, 2014


You learn vital skills.

ICKB Certification 8-3-14

Congratulations to all the new certified Ice Chamber Kettlebell Trainers.  Thank you for traveling from far and near to learn from us.  We look forward to seeing your success in the near future!





Help Us Get to Nationals!

Miranda and Rylee are raising money to fund their trip to the National Kettlebell Competition in New York. If they qualify at Nationals, they be able to compete in the Junior World Division in Hamburg, Germany in November!

Please support these two most deserving young ladies!

Saturday Core


Jess P. moving at light speed with dynamic planks.

Family Fitness



Thomas and Ian earn the father and son workout team award! They continue to blast through Industrial Strength, Battlezone, and Monsta Games!

Unusual Suspect

Community Highlights | July 21, 2014


Jim is pulling himself back to a steady frequency!

Training for Vegas


Fallon is training hard for the Kettlebell World Cup in Las Vegas in September.