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The Look of Focus

Community Highlights | September 9, 2014


Miki T. with full concentration.

In the Zone

Community Highlights, Group Workouts | September 6, 2014


A nice jog to start off the morning.

Care Bear

Community Highlights | September 4, 2014


Happy Birthday to one of the most selfless, caring people we know!  Please give her lots of bear hugs today.

August Theme Month – Thank You!

Challenges, Community Highlights | September 3, 2014


Thank you to all who participated in the August Theme Challenge: Ann B., Anne G., Brittany V., Candy S., Carolyn V., Dana T., Danielle R., Deb G., Elaine C., Gay P., Gretchen D., Jen K., Julie M., Kate F., Kevin J., Lee B., Lisa B., Mali W., Marc B., Maureen F., Mary S., Melissa F., Pam G., Patty H., Ramona M., Rob M., Stacy J., Steffany G., Steph P., Steven K., Thomas B., Toby B., Val C.

The winner of the August challenge is Patty H., who participated in all themes and biked in FOUR times during the first week of the month!


Thursday Running Club is canceled until further notice.



Outdoor Workout


We make use of the outdoors on Saturdays to benefit from the sun and surrounding environment (aka the giant wall).

2 x 16kg Kitty Litter Carry

Community Highlights | August 29, 2014


“Using the functional fitness skills from ice chamber to carry two 16kg jugs of cat litter. Ha!!”

- Sarah Mac


Labor Day Schedule:

Bootcamp: 9am, 10am

Battlezone: 11am


Brittany vs. Melissa

This is how Brittany earned her Master of Sport distinction! We are blessed to have teammates (such as Melissa) who help push us pass our limits in competition and training. Congratulations to both B & M for a hard fought battle earning the “fight of the night” award at the AKA Nationals.

Full Force Ahead


The look of relaxation in motion.


Labor Day Schedule:

Bootcamp: 9am, 10am

Battlezone: 11am

Fighter Mentality

Although this is Sayaka’s first competition with the 16kg Kettlebell (and only her second competition in her lifting experience), she brings to the platform the same determination and ferocity that qualified her for the Olympic games.

Check out the extreme tenacity to leave it all on the platform!