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Line Dancing with Tsan – Pt. 3

Community Highlights | December 10, 2014

Tsan Dance 3 from Ice Chamber on Vimeo.

Another tutorial for Saturday’s dance!

Personal Training for Soccer Athletes

Community Highlights | December 9, 2014



Attention soccer athletes – do you want to improve your speed, coordination, strength, and agility? Do you want to reduce injuries? If so, considering private one-on-one sport specific training with Remy! Just one session a week will help provide the basis for a better core and functional performance.
Remy Neuville is a Certified Personal Trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine and a soccer conditioning specialist with an emphasis on sports injury rehab and corrective exercises.

In France, Remy played soccer in at the semi-professional level (MLS equivalent) and volley ball at the State level. He coached women soccer in San Francisco, taking the team from 5th division to 2nd division over 6 seasons in the Golden Gate Women Soccer League. He also coached men soccer in SFSFL league of San Francisco for 2 seasons.

Remy’s engaging, passionate attitude coupled with strong determination and experience will help you produce the results you are seeking!  Contact to schedule your session.

Line Dancing with Tsan – Pt. 2

Challenges, Community Highlights, Events | December 6, 2014

Tsan Dance 2 from Ice Chamber on Vimeo.

Practice your steps for the IC Holiday Party!

Line Dancing with Tsan – Pt. 1

Tsan Dance 1 from Ice Chamber on Vimeo.

Line dance tutorial for the IC holiday party courtesy of Tsan.

Run to the Party

Comic Relief, Community Highlights, Events | November 30, 2014


We need a full headcount for the IC Holiday party by the end of this week.  RSVP will close soon so that we can appropriately plan for food and drinks!

Remember to wear a hat.  Costumes are optional.  We look forward to seeing you all!



Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving.  

Wishing you all a great day with your family and friends.

Remember to RSVP for the Holiday Party on Dec. 13th.

Please wear a hat for the party.  Costumes are optional.

mad hatter


Here is Sara’s gold medal performance from Hamburg, Germany.


2014 IUKL World Championship Results – Hamburg, Germany

Community Highlights, Kettlebell Sport | November 25, 2014


We are back from a long week abroad in Hamburg, Germany!


The 2014 IUKL World Championships was an extremely competitive event with approximately 550 athletes representing 36 countries lasting 3 days.


We were excited to see so many of our international friends under one roof.


A huge thanks goes to the Reeves family the incredible support system!


We are pleased to announce that Sara Nelson (58kg weight class) took home a GOLD medal (184 reps) for Team USA in the 16kg Snatch event [11 team points]!


Melissa (68kg weight class) placed 4th (136 reps) out of 8 countries in the professional 24kg snatch event – only 1 rep behind Team Scotland (3rd place), while Team Russia  and Team Kazakhstan took 2nd and 1st place respectively.  Although Melissa did not get the podium standing, she set her new competition PR with 136 reps [15 team points].


Surya (63kg weight class) placed 6th (81 reps) out of 10 countries in the professional 24kg snatch event – behind Team England (5th), Team Croatia (4th), Team Ukraine (3rd), Team Slovenia (2nd), and Team Russia (1st) [13 team points].


Rylee (63kg weight class) placed 4th (167 reps)  in the 16kg Snatch competing against adults  [5 team points]!


With the help of the ICKB lifters, Team USA earned enough points to place 5th out of 36 countries, only behind Latvia (4th), Ukraine (3rd), Kazakhstan (2nd), and Russia (1st).



Live Updates from Hamburg, Germany

Community Highlights, Kettlebell Sport | November 20, 2014


Sara – 2015 IUKL World Champion: 16kg Snatch, 58kg weight class

Rylee – 4th place among adults (youngest competitor in the largest competition in the world): 16kg snatch, 63kg weight class

Surya – 5th place, 24kg snatch, 63kg weight class

Melissa – 4th place, 24kg snatch, 68kg weight class



Follow us on Twitter: to get live updates from the 2015 IUKL World Championships in Hamburg, Germany.

The entire team made weight and ate well.  We rest today (mostly) while the Men’s Biathlon event commences.  Sara, Rylee, Surya, and Melissa will lift on Saturday, November 22 at 10am here in Hamburg (1am PST).

Live Stream

Wish us luck!




Naomi’s 5k

Community Highlights | November 13, 2014


Naomi (with friend Alice) completed her first 5k race without stopping!

EC Mountain Bikers

Community Highlights | November 13, 2014


Thursday training with the El Cerrito Mountain bike team.