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The Hero


A nice gesture after a nauseous moment!

Ice Chamber Member Profile: Dana

Community Highlights | April 6, 2015

When did I start at the IC?
Boy, been so long, I don’t exactly recall. It was a year or so before they moved locations. I would say 5-6 years. I was approaching 50, was all aerobic in my exercise and wanted to mix things up.

Obviously, I like that it helps me stay fit, etc. What I didn’t expect when starting is how much I would come to value the community, space and routine!

My professional background is primarily in operations and management for a variety of outdoor and active industries for companies like The North Face, Sierra Designs and Title Nine. I worked for TNF when they still sewed all of their products in a Berkeley factory that is now the new Whole Foods on Gilman! My focus since becoming a mother has been Family Wrangler and community volunteer. Always been active since my days as a crew athlete in high school and college.

I love the variety of classes, you can modify around various injuries or age limitations without judgement, open space. The people!


Extra Weight


Put down the dumbbell.  Lift a human.

Breakfast Club

Community Highlights | April 3, 2015


Check out this lovely and dedicated group from Team 0900!

Pull Harder


Testing trust and endurance simultaneously.




This moment is a good time to clear the mind.

Cake is for Closers

Community Highlights | March 27, 2015


Wishing Elisabeth great health and success on the upcoming addition to her family!  Elisabeth has been an anchor in our community for many years and we can not find enough ways to thank her.  Good cake is a starting point.

Next Generation

Check out our young Kettlebell Lifters speak about their experiences!

Emma and Family KB


Emma, Will, Kim and Tom takes kettlebell classes together weekly.  We love the family bonding that occurs in the fitness context.

Back on the Grind


Roughly 400 with chains.  Good warm-up for BattleZone.