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Aim High

Community Highlights, Group Workouts | October 19, 2014


Have a wonderful Sunday afternoon.

Farmigo Delivery Day Vote

Community Highlights, Food | October 16, 2014


Farmigo is offering us a choice of delivery days:  Monday or Wednesday

Please cast your vote on the right hand column.  All submissions must be made by 12pm October 17th.

Thank you!

Boston Open Kettlebell Championship Results

Congratulations to our advanced kettlebell team for setting new records at the Boston Open today!


Surya, 1st place, 63kg weight class, 24kg snatch – 92 reps


Jessica, 1st place,  58kg weight class, 24kg snatch  - 84 reps


Melissa, 1st place, 68kg weight class, 24kg biathlon – (jerk 159 + snatch 119) = 278

Today, Melissa became the first Master of Sport International Class in 24kg Biathlon in the Western Hemisphere – one of only two in the world.

All Business

Community Highlights | October 6, 2014


Doug gives the early morning stare down.

Thank you for the Burpees!

Challenges, Community Highlights, Events | September 29, 2014


The 3-Minute Burpee-A-Thon challenge has been a testament to the tremendous community at Ice Chamber. When the IC team set up the GoFundMe site at the beginning of September, we set a goal of $2,500–which we thought was a stretch. One month, thousands of burpees, and numerous donations later, we raised almost $10,000 for the Wellspring Scholarship Fund!!!

While the physical feat of completing three minutes of burpees in itself is something you should all be proud of, we are humbled by your generous support for this amazing cause. The money goes directly to the scholarship of underserved children on the spectrum, who otherwise would not be able to afford the services. Thank you all for your participation!

A special congratulations to Mark Congero and Jill Sprague for completing the most burpees in three minutes, with 67 and 62 repetitions, respectively. Moving at a pace of over 20 burpees per minute for three minutes is an indicator of incredible fitness and anaerobic capacity.

On another note… Mark your calendars for the evening of Saturday, December 13 for Ice Chamber’s annual holiday party!

Good Luck but Not Good Bye

brittanyvs1The Ice Chamber community welcomed me with open arms at a time in my life where I was feeling lost and disconnected from the community at my university. My last year of college, I daydreamed about spending all day at Ice Chamber instead of going to class and taking midterms. Lo and behold, my wish came true when Maya & Steve offered me a full-time position after graduation!

Not only has Ice Chamber given me the skills to use for a career in fitness, taken me from zero to Master of Sport in kettlebells, given me mentors and role models in life and sport, and taught me more about interacting with people than I ever imagined I would need to know—it also gave me all of you! I have met so many amazing people from all different walks of life. I have made many true friends, and as Maya told me, “the door is always open” for me to return. Expect some holiday bootcamps in your future featuring yours truly!

brittanyvs2Thank you for trusting me with your health, your children, your confidences—and for supporting me in every endeavor (including this one!). Thanks for rowing, running, and biking a billion meters and miles, for doing tons of push ups and box squats and especially burpees! You rose wonderfully to the many challenges I set up and I’m very proud.

The best part about Ice Chamber: you walk in the door not knowing what kind of torture awaits you, but you walk out sweaty with a smile on your face after a great workout with great people. I truly believe working out with someone is a stronger bond than getting drunk with them… and when you put them both together, well, you get the Ice Chamber holiday party! I better see every single one of you there, and you better know how to do “the Wobble”!

-Brittany V.S.

IUKL World Cup at Mr. Olympia – Las Vegas Results!


It’s been an amazing weekend in Las Vegas with the ICKB Team! For the first time in history, Kettlebell Sport was hosted at the Mr. Olympia convention. For those of you unfamiliar with Mr. Olympia, it’s the international bodybuilding competition and physical culture convention that made Arnold Schwarzenegger famous. This weekend marked the 50th anniversary of the marquee event and had an estimated attendance record of 50,000 people!


Our entire team performed incredibly well, under the pressure and sensory overload from thousands of spectators watching, blasting music, and not to mention the non-stop neon lights and signs!


Here are the results from our team:

Rylee (13 years old) – 16kg snatch, 68kg weight class (competed in the Adult division) 4th place – 150 reps (her new personal best)

Janet Mack – 16kg snatch, 68+kg weight class – GOLD – 160 reps

Jessica – 24kg snatch Pro World Cup, 63kg weight class, 4th place – 80 reps

Sara – 24kg snatch Pro World Cup, 63kg weight class, 5th place – 65 reps

Surya – 24kg snatch Pro World Cup, 63kg weight class – BRONZE – 85 reps / 16kg snatch, 68kg weight class – GOLD – 194 reps

Jen Cord – 24kg snatch Pro World Cup, 63+ kg weight class, 5th place – 78 reps / 24kg long cycle, 68+ kg weight class – SILVER – 112 reps

Fallon – 20kg long cycle, 68kg weight class – SILVER – 96 reps (her new personal best)

Shai-El (first time ever competing in anything) – 12kg long cycle, 68kg weight class – SILVER – 125 reps

Sarah MacDonald – 16kg biathlon, 68kg+ weight class – GOLD (Jerk 154 + Snatch 130) – 284 reps

Julie Brady – 20kg long cycle, 58kg weight class – GOLD – 93 reps and earning CMS (candidate for Master of Sport)

Melissa – 24kg snatch Pro World Cup, 63+ kg weight class – GOLD, World Champion, and NEW American Record – 134 reps / 24kg biathlon, 68kg weight class – GOLD (Jerk 155 + Snatch 113) – 268 reps and NEW American Record and won the Mr. Olympia Belt

Miranda (15 years old) – 20kg long cycle, 68kg weight class (competed in the Adult division) – GOLD and NEW Jr. American Record and won the Mr. Olympia Belt – 100 reps, making her the youngest CMS (candidate for master of sport) in the country! Happy Birthday Miranda!


The Ice Chamber has now produced a total of 11 candidates for master of sport in the USA.

Full results from Day 1

Full results from Day 2

Melissa makes History


Melissa made history today by becoming the first American to win a Gold medal at the IUKL World Cup.  She outperformed her Russian and Kazakh counterparts with 134 reps in 24kg snatch, simultaneously setting the new North American record!  This is the first time in history a Russian athlete has been defeated by an American lifter in the professional division of Kettlebell Sport.

Full results from Day 1:

Live results from Day 2:

Sayaka and Ken Demo

Sayaka Torra and Ken Kokka – East Bay Judo Institute 9/14/14 Kata from Ice Chamber on Vimeo.

Sayaka and Ken demonstrating counter attacks at the 2014 EBJI Judo Tournament in El Cerrito.

Burpee-a-thon Fundraising Update:

Please collect donations from your sponsors and turn it in by Thursday, September 25.

Instructors will perform their burpees according to the following schedule*:

Remy: Monday, September 22 @ 10AM
Steven: Tuesday, September 23 @ 9AM
Brittany: Tuesday, September 23 @ 9AM
Sara: Thursday, September 25 @ 10AM
Jess: Wednesday, September 24 @ 9AM
Elisabeth: Tuesday, September 23 @ 7AM

*Schedule may be subject to change; stay tuned for updates.



Individual style points are awarded.



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