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IUKL World Cup at Mr. Olympia – Las Vegas Results!


It’s been an amazing weekend in Las Vegas with the ICKB Team! For the first time in history, Kettlebell Sport was hosted at the Mr. Olympia convention. For those of you unfamiliar with Mr. Olympia, it’s the international bodybuilding competition and physical culture convention that made Arnold Schwarzenegger famous. This weekend marked the 50th anniversary of the marquee event and had an estimated attendance record of 50,000 people!


Our entire team performed incredibly well, under the pressure and sensory overload from thousands of spectators watching, blasting music, and not to mention the non-stop neon lights and signs!


Here are the results from our team:

Rylee (13 years old) – 16kg snatch, 68kg weight class (competed in the Adult division) 4th place – 150 reps (her new personal best)

Janet Mack – 16kg snatch, 68+kg weight class – GOLD – 160 reps

Jessica – 24kg snatch Pro World Cup, 63kg weight class, 4th place – 80 reps

Sara – 24kg snatch Pro World Cup, 63kg weight class, 5th place – 65 reps

Surya – 24kg snatch Pro World Cup, 63kg weight class – BRONZE – 85 reps / 16kg snatch, 68kg weight class – GOLD – 194 reps

Jen Cord – 24kg snatch Pro World Cup, 63+ kg weight class, 5th place – 78 reps / 24kg long cycle, 68+ kg weight class – SILVER – 112 reps

Fallon – 20kg long cycle, 68kg weight class – SILVER – 96 reps (her new personal best)

Shai-El (first time ever competing in anything) – 12kg long cycle, 68kg weight class – SILVER – 125 reps

Sarah MacDonald – 16kg biathlon, 68kg+ weight class – GOLD (Jerk 154 + Snatch 130) – 284 reps

Julie Brady – 20kg long cycle, 58kg weight class – GOLD – 93 reps and earning CMS (candidate for Master of Sport)

Melissa – 24kg snatch Pro World Cup, 63+ kg weight class – GOLD, World Champion, and NEW American Record – 134 reps / 24kg biathlon, 68kg weight class – GOLD (Jerk 155 + Snatch 113) – 268 reps and NEW American Record and won the Mr. Olympia Belt

Miranda (15 years old) – 20kg long cycle, 68kg weight class (competed in the Adult division) – GOLD and NEW Jr. American Record and won the Mr. Olympia Belt – 100 reps, making her the youngest CMS (candidate for master of sport) in the country! Happy Birthday Miranda!


The Ice Chamber has now produced a total of 11 candidates for master of sport in the USA.

Full results from Day 1

Full results from Day 2

Melissa makes History


Melissa made history today by becoming the first American to win a Gold medal at the IUKL World Cup.  She outperformed her Russian and Kazakh counterparts with 134 reps in 24kg snatch, simultaneously setting the new North American record!  This is the first time in history a Russian athlete has been defeated by an American lifter in the professional division of Kettlebell Sport.

Full results from Day 1:

Live results from Day 2:

Sayaka and Ken Demo

Sayaka Torra and Ken Kokka – East Bay Judo Institute 9/14/14 Kata from Ice Chamber on Vimeo.

Sayaka and Ken demonstrating counter attacks at the 2014 EBJI Judo Tournament in El Cerrito.

Burpee-a-thon Fundraising Update:

Please collect donations from your sponsors and turn it in by Thursday, September 25.

Instructors will perform their burpees according to the following schedule*:

Remy: Monday, September 22 @ 10AM
Steven: Tuesday, September 23 @ 9AM
Brittany: Tuesday, September 23 @ 9AM
Sara: Thursday, September 25 @ 10AM
Jess: Wednesday, September 24 @ 9AM
Elisabeth: Tuesday, September 23 @ 7AM

*Schedule may be subject to change; stay tuned for updates.



Individual style points are awarded.



If you work for a company that offers matching donations to a non-profit, please let them know that Wellspring Educational Services,  Inc. is a qualified 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization and donations are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.  
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The Look of Focus

Community Highlights | September 9, 2014


Miki T. with full concentration.

In the Zone

Community Highlights, Group Workouts | September 6, 2014


A nice jog to start off the morning.

Care Bear

Community Highlights | September 4, 2014


Happy Birthday to one of the most selfless, caring people we know!  Please give her lots of bear hugs today.

August Theme Month – Thank You!

Challenges, Community Highlights | September 3, 2014


Thank you to all who participated in the August Theme Challenge: Ann B., Anne G., Brittany V., Candy S., Carolyn V., Dana T., Danielle R., Deb G., Elaine C., Gay P., Gretchen D., Jen K., Julie M., Kate F., Kevin J., Lee B., Lisa B., Mali W., Marc B., Maureen F., Mary S., Melissa F., Pam G., Patty H., Ramona M., Rob M., Stacy J., Steffany G., Steph P., Steven K., Thomas B., Toby B., Val C.

The winner of the August challenge is Patty H., who participated in all themes and biked in FOUR times during the first week of the month!


Thursday Running Club is canceled until further notice.



Outdoor Workout


We make use of the outdoors on Saturdays to benefit from the sun and surrounding environment (aka the giant wall).

2 x 16kg Kitty Litter Carry

Community Highlights | August 29, 2014


“Using the functional fitness skills from ice chamber to carry two 16kg jugs of cat litter. Ha!!”

- Sarah Mac


Labor Day Schedule:

Bootcamp: 9am, 10am

Battlezone: 11am