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Brittany vs. Melissa

This is how Brittany earned her Master of Sport distinction! We are blessed to have teammates (such as Melissa) who help push us pass our limits in competition and training. Congratulations to both B & M for a hard fought battle earning the “fight of the night” award at the AKA Nationals.

Full Force Ahead


The look of relaxation in motion.


Labor Day Schedule:

Bootcamp: 9am, 10am

Battlezone: 11am

Fighter Mentality

Although this is Sayaka’s first competition with the 16kg Kettlebell (and only her second competition in her lifting experience), she brings to the platform the same determination and ferocity that qualified her for the Olympic games.

Check out the extreme tenacity to leave it all on the platform!

Rylee qualifies for the World Championships

Congrats to Rylee, who qualified for the IUKL World Championships in Germany. She went uncontested in the juniors division at the AKA Nationals in New York and placed 2nd among the adults!

Miranda is just getting started

Miranda displayed phenomenal poise and technique this weekend at the 2014 AKA Nationals. At only 14 years old, she took the silver medal in the adult division, losing gold by only 1 rep!

2014 AKA Kettlebell Nationals Report


We are back from a long, challenging, and rewarding weekend in New York City. Congratulations to every member of our team that took to the platform at the 2014 American Kettlebell Alliance National Championships!

Here are the results:


Sayaka Torra: 58kg weight class, Gold Medal, 16kg Snatch (her first time competing with the 35lb kettlebell) – 142 points


Rylee Reeves (13 years old competing in the Adult division): 63kg weight class, Silver Medal, 16kg Snatch – 145 points


Miranda Robbeloth (14 years old competing in the Adult weight): 63kg weight class, Silver Medal, 16kg Long Cycle – 120 points


Janet Mack: 68kg+ weight class, 16kg Snatch – 174 points (Janet’s new PR in competition)


Jessica DiBiase: 58kg weight class, Silver Medal, 24kg Snatch – 80 points


Brittany van Schravendijk: 63kg weight class, Gold Medal, 20kg Snatch – 124 points (earning rank of Candidate for Master of Sport)


Surya Voinar-Fowler: 63kg weight class, Silver Medal, 24kg Snatch – 83 points


Melissa Swanson: 68kg weight class, Gold Medal and Absolute Champion, 24kg Snatch – 120 points


Jen Cord: 68kg+ weight class, Bronze Medal, 24kg Snatch – 79 points


Melissa Swanson: 68kg weight class, Gold Medal, 24kg Long Cycle – 100 points


Brittany van Schravendijk: 63kg weight class, Gold Medal, 24kg Long Cycle – 100 points

With 100 points, Brittany also becomes the 7th member of the Ice Chamber Kettlebell Team to earn the Master of Sport distinction!

Special shout-out to Susan Reeves for her volunteer help behind the scenes!

Kettlebells in the City


This is half of our traveling competition team (+Anna Belle) invading Manhattan for the 2014  AKA Kettlebell Nationals this weekend.

Wish them, as well as (not pictured) Janet Mack, Rylee Reeves, Miranda Robbleloth, and Jess good luck for the big show tomorrow.  Action starts at 9am EST.

Watch the live stream here.

photo 2

A long time coming


Shai-El has been thinking about lifting kettlebells every day ever since she took a hiatus from the IC about 4 years ago.  Today, she is not only back to consistent training, but developing better technical habits to allow her to compete at the World Cup Las Vegas Weekend in September!



Sprint to the end a la Miki Tal.

Share Your Garden

Community Highlights, Events, Food | August 10, 2014


For week 2 of the August Theme Challenge, share your garden with Ice Chamber by bringing in homegrown flowers, produce, herbs, etc.

veggie garden

A special shoutout to those who biked to bootcamp last week: Gwenn, Lee B., Toby B., Marc B., Ann B., Patty H., Jen K., Mary S., and Candy S. Especially Patty H. for riding in FOUR times!