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Congratulations Val!

Community Highlights, Kids | February 25, 2015


Mason Cogswell Boughey was born 2/19 @ 2:49 a.m. 8 lbs 4 oz.

I actually went into labor starting at ~4:00 a.m. on 2/18 but didn’t realize it was the real deal until later that night. I went in to work on the 18th but skipped morning bootcamp; in retrospect the fact that I felt like I needed to skip the gym was probably one of my first signs of the little guy’s impending arrival. :)


Circuit Training for Toddlers

Community Highlights, Kids | February 24, 2015


Ice Chamber Member Profile: Jess Parker

Community Highlights | February 23, 2015

jess parker

I can’t remember when I started at the IC.  It was around 2007, when they were still in their old space.

I am a studio potter. My work in clay demands movement and strength; from wedging and throwing 8+ pounds of clay to leaning into a kiln and stacking heavy kiln shelves.

The IC is a good workout! It balances me. I find the workouts at the IC give me a great base of strength, endurance, cardio that help me with what else I love to do!  I ski, paddle, bike, run, swim and mainly try to keep up with my adventure-loving husband and kids.

I have made a lot of new connections with people I would not otherwise have met and I now spend time with them away from the gym.  The IC brings some personal depth to what could just be a workout.

It’s easy to get to and there is parking, free parking! – Seriously I have not belonged to another gym in a long time but I hated looking for and paying for parking in Downtown Berkeley to go to the Y.  Really, that may seem silly, but most of the exercise I do away from the IC is outdoors.  I like being in nature, the IC, with no heat and a big rollup door, lets the outside in.

Oh! And I love the music!!!



Lots of smiles for this group.  Sarah Mac, Jen, Julie B, Sally, and Earle celebrate a successful day.

Ice Chamber Member Profile: Gregg

Community Highlights | February 14, 2015

I started at the Ice Chamber what feels like thousands of burpees, laps and meters on the rower ago, or about 6 years. I got tired of making my yearly non-tax-exempt donation to a variety of gyms in the area and actually wanted to get fit!
I love the variety and collegiality of the community. Competitive yet supportive. I enjoy the few minutes before the warmup, anticipating what we will encounter for the next hour … which is then followed by the last few minutes of the workout when I’m asking myself “when are we going to stop?”  I often contemplate shortly after the end, “should I do the next class?”
The last few years I have been known as “King of Blood” which title was bestowed upon me by my 9 year old son.  This is not indicative of Romanian heritage on my part but I was formerly known as a research and clinical director in biotech focusing on stem cell therapies.  In my free time, I can be found with either an ice pack or heat wrap on various body parts from the wonderful work done at the gym.
Heaps of praise and gratitude to Steven, Jess, Sara and the rest of the IC staff for what you’ve created. Thanks!!

One Year Later

Community Highlights, Kettlebell Sport | February 14, 2015

IC Member profile: Lee and Mary

Community Highlights | February 11, 2015


Mary’s haircutter, Polly Hancock, raved about IC, and persuaded us to check it out back in the beginning of 2011.

It’s intense, it’s fun, the people are supportive and smiling, the teachers are always ready to help with modifications for those of us with issues like generally aging bodies, broken bones, frozen shoulders, etc. We love the community feeling, love the challenge and the support.

Lee practiced medicine as a physician for 40+ years, for 25 years working for the Kaiser Permanente Medical Group in Vallejo, retiring in 2013. He had boards in internal medicine and emergency medicine, and practiced musculo-skeletal and sports medicine at Kaiser. He was head of Continuing Medical Education at Vallejo, director of the Vallejo Kaiser acupuncture clinic, and member of the Northern California Permanente Group’s regional advisory committee on complementary and alternative medicine.

Mary is a public policy mediator, leading dialogues on complex natural resources projects around California. She retired from Sacramento State in 2013 but is currently doing some private consulting, leading a State and Federal effort to expand shellfish aquaculture (oyster farms!) along the California coast.

Both of us are deeply involved now with a 12,000+ national volunteer organization, the Citizens Climate Lobby. We are co-leads of the Alameda Chapter of CCL.

The Spirit of the West Coast Classic – 2015

Beautiful images by Shelly at

west coast sticky2

The 2015 West Coast Kettlebell Classic was our most personal and dare we say, intimate event to date. Every volunteer in the house-  from the strongest set-up crew ever, (Newton, Lisa M., Wendy, Paula, Surya, Christian, Sharon, Matt A., Nicki, and Guy Navellier every year!), coolest judges (Linda, Clint, Doug, and Master Kirk!), calm and collected ushers (Karina, Abby, Susan), fastidious and compassionate score keepers (excel queens Brenda and Sherry), retail sales power-women (Stephanie and Paula), countdowns and mic support (Joanna you’re the sweetest), and of course the incredible take-down crew (Lisa B., Earle, Sally, Susan, Doug, Greg, Ann B., and the Sarintra family every year!)–  put their hearts and souls into their contributions to this meet, enabling every lifter in attendance to let their guards down, feel at home, and enjoy their moment.


Our sponsors made this event sparkle too!

Tencue is a company full of real heroes (Miriam A., Nick G., and Kristen L.) who know how to make dreams come to life on a grand scale;

Semifreddi’s (wow Shai-El! delivered enough delicious pastries to feed us all for two days);

Title Nine (we heart you Dana and Missy!) thank you for the generous $100 gift cards and long-standing support of the Ice Chamber;

Tacubaya (Dona your support and delicious food means the world to everyone in this community every year);

East Bay Judo Institute’s podiums, scale, tables, and chairs were the backbone of the meet (Sayaka you give to us in ways we can’t begin to express in this short sentence, thank you and Ken for your many contributions beyond KB);

Benchmark Pizzeria (Melissa S. & Peter, who constantly give back to kettlebell sport in every way possible, your pizzeria is a neighborhood treasure, thank you!);

Kermitt Lynch Wines added so much elegance to the winner’s awards (Melissa F. & Mark C. we will miss you like crazy very soon!);

Bolt, Keenley, Kim LLP (Jim and Emily, thank you for supporting the West Coast Classic again and thank god you live across the street from Bear so no more commute to IC!);

Tile Shop (Lisa B. you thanked us for welcoming your favorite mountain bikers, but we OWE YOU);

The UPS Store in Berkeley (Sylvia, you’re one of our biggest 6AM bootcamp supporters– kettlebells are too cold for timed sets at that hour, yet you still show love to the kettlebell lifters who arrive after you);

Imperial Brands – Sobieski Vodka is by far one of our favorite sponsors (Stephanie, thanks to your contribution every year, dozens of lifters leave with a smile while hundreds of people here enjoy flavored vodka now);

Sports Basement’s – gift certificates and booth added the fancy we needed;

Iron Bell Fitness love was in the house again except this time with their new Kettle Kozie too!  (Linda we were drafted into special parenthood, thank you for you continued support of the IC and for our family at home);

KettleGuard – advertising and community outreach;

American Kettlebell Alliance thank you for your continued efforts to grow kettlebell sport.

IC Member Profile: Ann B.

Community Highlights | February 5, 2015


Ice Chamber Member Profile: Ann B.

I started at the IC April 2010. My therapist, at the time, told me about it. My partner Pat and I decided to check it out. A lifelong athlete, I was looking for support to get back into a fitness routine.I’ve always been active and the IC supports me in staying in shape! I was a UPS driver, then a Fed X driver for 10 years, and finally a cop and Sergeant for SFPD for 20 years. As a cop, I received a 2nd degree brown belt in Tae Kwon Do. I ran track and cross country for SF State. I qualified for the championship Bud Lite Triathlon series 2 years in a row and competed in South Carolina. And way back in ’79 I ran a 3:09 marathon in Los Angeles and a month later ran the Big Sur marathon with a time of 3:12. I ran a dozen others, including Pikes Peak and a few ultra marathons with Pat. This February, 2015, Pat and I will be celebrating 23 years of partnership!

The IC is inviting and friendly. I’ve never felt ostracized for being outside the norm (a lesbian). It’s like we are all a family, striving for the same goals … fitness, health, strength.


Up Next


The 2015 West Coast Classic Kettlebell Championships is right around the corner.  Are you prepared?