World Kettlebell Lifting Championship – Chicago 2010

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The women of the IC are always up for a challenge.  We are so proud of each lifter for their unique ability to work, play, and win at the World Kettlebell Lifting Championship in Chicago.  You ladies continue to display such grace and power through technique — Congratulations!

Here are results in each respective weight class:

Sam – Gold – 12kg Biathlon

Karen – Gold – 12kg Biathlon

Maya – Gold – 20kg Biathlon

Surya – Silver – 20kg Biathlon

Sara – Gold – 24kg Long Cycle

This competition had by far the highest concentration of advanced kettlebell lifters on U.S. soil.  We want to congratulate every athlete that qualified and competed to make this one of the best events to date.


Surya taking the 20kg Jerk to new heights.


Maya – still the top 53kg lifter in the U.S.


Sara, considered by many insiders as the top female Long Cycle lifter in the country, delivers yet another MS performance and competition PR.


Sam takes the snatch by storm, going the full 10 minutes to earn 162 reps  – in her first competition!


And finally, our hero, Karen stole the hearts of everyone by becoming the WKC’s 1st National Champion in the Senior Women Division.




Special Congrats to Emily Friedel for earning MS in Biathlon, Cate Imes for producing yet another Master of Sport in Emily Friedel; C-Duff and the Lockout Team for their amazing performances, and Team Croatia for displaying some wicked sick lifting this weekend.

Seven powerful ladies of WKC: Ivana, Surya, Lorna, Svetlana, Maya, Sara, and Emily

Seven powerful ladies of the WKC: Ivana - CMS, Surya - MS, Lorna - MS, Svetlana - MSWC, Maya - MS, Sara - MS, and Emily - MS.


Henry, Nenad, and Will all closing in on CMS.


Team Croatia with big hearts and delivering big numbers!


Both Scott and C-Duff of Team Lockout gave breath taking performances.


Ivana, ever so close to MS!

Eric St. Onge acheived MS numbers in Jerk.

Eric St. Onge achieved MS numbers in Jerk.

Cate Imes going for S-32 Rank.

Cate Imes going for S-32 Rank.

Andy staying focused with S-60 rank, a.k.a. Long Cycle with the 132 lb KB!

Andy staying focused with S-60 rank, a.k.a. Long Cycle with the 132 lb KB!

Rest period after Sara's set.

Rest period after Sara's set.

Dalibar housing the 24s despite his recent back injury.

Dalibar housing the 24s despite his recent back injury.

Thank you WKC for throwing another great event.

26 Responses to “World Kettlebell Lifting Championship – Chicago 2010”

  1. Sherry & Calvin says:

    It was IC in the windy city this summer…congratulations!!

  2. Bob Garon says:

    It was a GREAT show and glad to see all of you perform very well.

  3. Rune & Renee says:

    Congratulations everyone. Always wonderful to hear about all of the IC champions :)

  4. CDuff says:

    Great Lifters doing Huge Numbers, Again!!!

  5. Sayaka says:

    Yay!! So happy and proud for all of you. Congrats!!!!

  6. Tracy C says:

    Congratulations all!!!! So proud!

  7. Steven says:

    Congrats to all of our lifters: Sam for putting up huge numbers at her first meet, Karen for continuing to express the greatness of human potential, Maya for the never give up attitude, Surya for executing the game plan to a T, and Sara for overcoming sickness and delivering as usual.

  8. christy m says:

    WOW!! I am so happy for you all!! Great job!!! You gals are awesome awesome AWESOME!!!!

  9. Loredie says:

    Wow, congratulations to everyone! What an amazing performance.

  10. Heather K. says:

    Yahooooo! You guys are incredible! You never cease to impress! Congrats to all!

  11. Dave H says:

    Congratulations on the successes you have achieved!

  12. PattyH says:

    Wow. Nice work everyone!! Big congrats!

  13. Elsa says:

    Woohoo what wonderful news!!!! Well done everyone!

  14. Gregor says:

    Congratulation to all teams there!

    Athletes are just amazing, and I know it is much easier to train or work as a team. Who says Kettlebells are individual sport :)

  15. Julie B says:

    Congrats to all!!! What a great performance!

  16. Jess says:

    i am soooo proud of my team !! karen and sammy you both continue to amaze me

    xo jess

  17. Steven says:


    You did a great job training your athletes. They represented very well. Of course we need to see you on the platform soon, too. 😉

  18. Surya says:

    On behalf of all us -we thank you Ice Chamber friends for your amazing support! Your words of encouragement, inspiration, and excitement leading up to this competition meant the world to us. This was by far the most positive and exciting comp to date! The AKC put on a top notch event and the lifters put up amazing numbers! It is incredible to be part of this sport as it continues to grow.
    Team Croatia-hearts of gold with matching medals!! C-Duff and team-awesome job-love the shirt, Congrats to Emily, Svetlana, And Lorna- my heroines! The list goes on and on. I look forward to lifting with you all in Vegas !

  19. Leslie P. says:

    Your performances are all so moving! Congratulations! So impressive and inspiring.

  20. Lisa B says:

    WOW Maya, Sara, Surya, Karen and Sam – fabulous! – congrats to all of you and Steve, as we know that you are a huge part of this kettle bell success :)
    You are all soooo amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Bear Bear says:

    What an amazing weekend and I am very happy Steve & Maya documented the whole thing on video so I know it wasn’t all a dream!

    The AKC did an amazing job on putting together such a great event. All the lifters were so impressive too! Congrats to each lifter.

    Karen and Sam were amazing to watch and both were the last women standing on their snatch sets. Impressive to say the least.

    Thanks for all the continued support!

  22. amanda and shannon says:

    Karen you rock our world!! what an inspiration!!
    We think you are awesome ( also a bad ass! )
    That picture of you in action oh my!!!
    much love
    ~amanda and shannon
    (of elixir)

  23. Jen C says:

    Chiming in late here, but I’m so proud of all of you and feel so fortunate to train alongside and learn from each of you! Sam and Karen, awesome awesome job!

  24. Will Metcalf says:

    finally getting to meet the IC group and see you all lift in person took the entire trip to the next levle- a true inspiration. The coaching from steven and then the support from each of the ladies was amazing- love rockin’ my new Ice Chamber shirt arounf the Berkshires.

  25. Naomi B says:

    Awesome video. Strong and beautiful — you are totally my heroes.

  26. Ivana says:

    It was great to meet again all the great lifters and also great individuals.. IC team – you guys are great inspirtion and we in Croatia love you very much! Hope we see you In Zagreb in january 😉

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