Catherine Imes Interview

Here is a wonderfully informative  interview Maya conducted with our great friend Catherine Imes.  In her most extensive interview to date,  Cate discusses the importance of proper lifting and fixation, coaching perspectives, and… her favorite T-Shirt.  This is a must-read for both enthusiasts and competitors alike.  Enjoy!



3 Responses to “Catherine Imes Interview”

  1. Surya says:

    Another great interview Maya! As always it was wonderful to hear from the great CI. Catherine has been a true inspiration from the start. I remember meeting her for the first time in Las Vegas almost three years ago when I was just a scrub taking the platform for the first time and she was welcoming, gracious, and humble from the start. I continue to be impressed by her lifting as well as her generosity. Catherine is a true ambassador to kettlebell sport. She selflessly shares her experience, knowledge, and enthusiasm for the sport equally to all who ask. Thank you Cate for your continued support!!

  2. Maya says:

    Well said Surya! My appreciation and profound gratitude for CI are limitless! (…but I guess that’s stating the obvious.)

  3. Steven says:

    A great friend and mentor! Go Cate!

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