Drop Zone

NCAA Gymnastics Champion Jill Sprague (a.k.a. Jill Andrews, in gray) and the IC’s iron woman Erin Gillett (in red) demo the Drop Zone. Both athletes are local moms that train at the IC 2-4x per week.

Drop Zone small

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Erin holds the medicine ball at eye level while Jill anticipates the drop. As Erin releases the medicine ball, Jill must squat down as fast as possible to catch the medicine ball at the lowest possible squat position before the ball touches the ground. Jill must also spring up and return the ball back to Erin as fast as possible so that there is no rest time between the catch and the return.

How many returns can you do in 30 seconds while in the Drop Zone?

3 Responses to “Drop Zone”

  1. Baby Ks Momma says:

    This workout was insane fun. Jill’s sprinting skills were so fast, she looked like a blur on camera so we couldn’t use any of the footage. I can only imagine what she was like on the vault.

  2. Steven says:

    Jill and Erin can enter any athletic event today and take home medals. They are unstoppable.

  3. Erin says:

    I love working out with Jill…I’m flattered that you lumped me into the same catagory as her!

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