Hip Toss Outside


Throw the med ball as hard as you can against the wall.  Toss from the hip and retrieve on one bounce.

Put on some Weight


Attention: Healthy Busy Bodies

Nutrition | January 27, 2015

Workout – check, community of friends – check, post-workout coffee – check, healthy food delivered weekly to Ice Chamber – check.

For those of you who have not tried this service I wanted to introduce you to Farmigo. It is our online grocery delivery service where members can order weekly and have their farm fresh products packed the same day and delivered to Ice Chamber every Wednesday.

In addition to the convenience of the service itself, members will find that this is one way of ensuring more consistent healthy eating habits. In addition, there is a 100% satisfaction guarantee, meaning if any items are not up to a customer’s satisfaction, they simply need to send Farmigo an email and there will be a refund.   

Several of us in the community are devoted shoppers, but we do need at least 10 customers weekly to keep the service going.  

Join Us!  Thank you for considering an alternative to getting fresh foods.

Check out Farmigo and place your order by Sunday night. 

Chain Drag

Group Workouts | January 26, 2015


Monday night Battlezone madness continues.


Exercises & Movements | January 26, 2015


Front Squat

Exercises & Movements | January 25, 2015


Can’t hold me back


Friends don’t let friends run alone.

Unilateral Balance

Exercises & Movements | January 23, 2015


Testing hip, knee, and ankle stability.

Family & Friends Portraits – ONLY $50 – Feb. 7th, 2015

Events | January 22, 2015

Special feature added to our West Coast Classic Kettlebell meet on February 7th, 2015.


RICH2012 320-X2

A professional photographer is coming to host “mini photo shoots” by appointment only for lifters, teams, spectators, families, and friends to remember this wonderful occasion forever.

The cost is $50 for an organized and yet candid 10 minute mini photo session that you will book with the photographer, Shelly Hamalian, in advance.

You can use the West Coast Classic step & repeat red carpet banner, the platform, the winners’  podium, or just our jazzed-up open space for portraits and candids of you and your crew. You get all the “keeper” images shot by the photographer within your ten minute mini session.

The images will be delivered as a photo gallery mobile app that you’ll download to your smartphone. Photos can be viewed and shared directly from your phone. The ICKB Team is definitely booking one of these, check out these gorgeous pictures!


Get creative, you’ll feel totally relaxed using this fast, fun, and informal way of capturing beautiful images while also supporting a local charity close to heart —  proceeds will go directly to Wellspring, a nonprofit center for children with special needs.



Belles moving Bells

Exercises & Movements | January 22, 2015