To the Limit


It’s all fun and games, until points are involved.

IC Holiday Party 2015

Events | October 30, 2014


Please RSVP as soon as possible so we can have a total headcount.

Looking forward to seeing you!

Monsta Games 10-29-14

Challenges | October 28, 2014


Monsta Games 10-29-14

Throw a medicine ball into the tire from 18 feet away (guys) or 15 feet away (gals).  Each successful shot will equal 1x the following point scale:

8lbs = 1 point

10lbs = 2 point

12lbs = 3 points

16 = 4 points

20lbs = 5 points

You have 5 minutes to earn as many points as possible. You must retrieve the ball yourself.

Good luck.

Saturday Indoor Cycling Announcement

Deep Thoughts, Events | October 27, 2014


Due to the popularity of the Saturday morning SPIN Class we are implementing the following procedures effective immediately.

1) There are only 3 bikes available for ONLINE reservations starting on Friday morning.  Please be aware that if you can not find an available bike online during the Friday morning reservation period, it simply means that all the bikes have been reserved.  We are not available to make special arrangements on Friday morning.  Please contact Sara prior to Friday to address any problems or concerns you may have regarding online reservations.

2)  You are expected to be sitting on your bike by 9:10 am – 5 minutes prior to the start of SPIN class (9:15 am).  If you are not physically on your bike by 9:10 am, the bike will be given to another person.

3) As a friendly reminder, please be mindful that you can not hold a bike for someone that is not physically at the gym.  Even if a person has come in and placed their belongings on a bike, his/her reservation will be voided if the person leaves the facility.

Thank you all for your cooperation!




Outdoor Adventures

Community Highlights | October 26, 2014

Profiling the diversity of our member’s outdoor adventures:


Just wanted to let you know we finished our Century last Saturday– averaged 13 mph (a bit slow but respectable for a couple of oldsters).
And one of the coolest things is that we were not even sore. We thank all those squats for that! Mary and Lee

Mary and Lee are currently involved in Citizens Climate Lobby (CCL). They are group leaders for the Alameda County Chapter. If anyone at the IC wants to get involved, please let us know.

CCL is an national group of volunteers which is focused on lobbying Congress to enact a carbon fee and dividend (also known as a revenue neutral carbon tax). The conept is that a fee would be levied at the source (mine, wellhead, etc.) of extraction of fossil fuels based on the amount of greenhouse gasses that would be emitted by burning the fuel. The fee would start at $15/ton of CO2-equivalent emissions and increase by $10/ton every year. The revenue would be returned equally and entirely to American households on the assumption that they would be seeing increased costs for energy, gasoline, and really every product that in any way consumes carbon in its production or distribution. This rebate will mean that 60-70% of households will receive more in the rebate than they spend as a result of the fee; most of those households are in the lower income category. There will also be a mechanism built in (known as a border adjustment) to protect American businesses from being undercut by competition from countries that have not put a price on carbon. CCL’s goal is to move this forward as a non-partisan issue.

CCL commissioned a study by a highly-professional modeling group to study the effects of our proposal. It showed that over the course of 20 years there would be an increase of over 2 million jobs, gross domestic product would increase, premature deaths would fall by 13,000 per year, and carbon emissions would fall 50%.

Here are some links that you might want to look at or include:

CCL’s website
A short video about our national convention (Mary and I were there and if you look carefully I believe that you can see us in a couple of frames)
A short video with a brief clip of our Executive Director
Washington Post editorial endorsing carbon tax based on CCL model


Thanks for the interval work! It made chasing this buck uphill feasible, go icechamber! Nick F.

Don’t let the Oregon bred smirk fool ya. Nick is a compassionate legal advocate who has been fighting for the rights of the underprivileged in some of the most impoverished communities for a decade. He continues to bring his unique perspectives to Battlezone Mondays, adding exclusive commentary that only someone with his experience can contribute.

What Gravity?


In House Practice Meet 11-1-14

Challenges, Events | October 22, 2014


Here is your chance to test your skills on home turf before the West Coast Classic!

Saturday 1pm
November 1, 2014

Fill out my online form.

Smoothie Recipe Winner

Challenges, Food | October 22, 2014


Congrats to Ann Bower for winning the Farmigo Smoothie contest!  Ann will receive a $75 worth of food from Farmigo.

Easy Peesy Smoothie:

1 cup water

1 apple

1.5 cup low fat strawberry yogurt

1 large handful of chard

Then………down the hatch


Ann Bower

Weight Loss and Performance program with Elisabeth

Nutrition, Weight Loss, Working Smart | October 21, 2014

elisabethprofileWhether you are interested in weight loss, performance, or both, Elisabeth can help you achieve your goal with her highly successful wellness and nutrition program. Dozens of IC members, including members of the ICKB team, have already experienced healthy sustainable weight loss (muscle gain) and performance improvements in 8 -12 weeks times. Register for your consultation here:

Elisabeth Sherratt holds a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition Science and Masters in Advanced Studies in Maternal & Child Nutrition from the University of California at Davis. She is also a Candidate for RN and Masters Science Nursing- Family Nurse Practitioner in the Samuel Merritt University Entry Level Masters Program with anticipated RN licensure in 2014 and Masters Science Nursing- Family Nurse Practitioner graduation in 2015.

Welcome El Cerrito Mountain Bike Team

Community Highlights, Group Workouts | October 21, 2014


We are excited to provide the strength and conditioning program for the El Cerrito Mountain Bike Team!