Berkeley Half Marathon

Events | July 22, 2014


courtesy of Berkeley Half Marathon website

courtesy of Berkeley Half Marathon website

If anyone is interested in running the Berkeley Half Marathon, please comment here.  There is a 5k option as well.  We will be forming and training the IC team for this race on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5:30pm.

Monsta Games 7-23-14

Challenges | July 22, 2014

Monsta Games 7-23-14

From starting position, push sled (Guys 180lbs) (Gals 100lbs) 200 ft out. Run back to starting position to bring Monsta Bag to the sled. Place Monsta Bag on top of bumper plates and push sled back to starting position. Unload Monsta Bag and bumper plates. Sprint 500 meters on rower.

Fastest time = most points

Good luck.

Unusual Suspect

Community Highlights | July 21, 2014


Jim is pulling himself back to a steady frequency!

Spring Forward

Group Workouts | July 21, 2014


Another great week of training coming up…  Happy Monday!

Sunday Inspiration

Break Dancing at the elite levels is a power sport.

Training for Vegas


Fallon is training hard for the Kettlebell World Cup in Las Vegas in September.

Full Attention


Team 0700 at full attention.

Monsta Games 7-16-14

Challenges | July 15, 2014


Monsta Games 7-16-14

Tire flip and jump through = 1 point

Max points in 5 minutes.

Good luck.

Industrial Strength Progress

Very excited about the progress of the IS class!






Stinson Tam Fun Day Photos

Community Highlights, Events | July 13, 2014