2015 IUKL World Championships Live Stream

Kettlebell Sport | November 25, 2015


Watch the ICKB Team compete at the 2015 IUKL World Championship this week starting on November 26 at 10am Dublin time.




ICKB at AKA StudioMix San Francisco Regional

Uncategorized | November 8, 2015


Congratulations to every member of the ICKB Team who competed at the AKA StudioMix San Francisco Regional today!  Everyone performed beyond expectations; but of course we never expect anything less than the best from this group. Special thanks to Kirk and StudioMix for hosting this lovely event.  Much love to our judging staff: Steph “The Passion” Passion, Surya, and Jen C. for scoring the event and giving out deserved “no counts.”


Most of our lifters used this opportunity to warm-up for the West Coast Classic, but a number of them attempted ranks and PRs.  Miranda rocked both yellow and the green today.  154 reps in 16kg snatch and 72 reps in 24kg Long Cycle.


Julie B, fresh off a recent back injury completed 168 reps in 12kg Snatch, while Janet hit 207 using only one arm (just because she can).


Kim and Emma-nator both hit PRs.  Christy, Shai-El, Mary, Sarah Mac, Leslie, and Fallon showed they are ready for anything on a week’s notice.


Our first competition with free gourmet ice cream!


Sara Bear and the twins, the Cord kids, and Joanna couldn’t decide on a flavor.


Melissa Swanson hit 147 in 24kg Snatch, earning the AKA rank of Master of Sport International Class.

Sean Hill hit 96 in 2 x 12kg Long Cycle at his first comp!


Sayaka and Riley both hit comp PRs with the 20kg Snatch, 124 and 126 respectively.


Wonderful people + wonderful vibes + wonderful venue = wonderful competition.

EC Mountain Bike Team

Community Highlights, Group Workouts | November 6, 2015


Tuesdays and Thursdays at 4pm.

StudioMix San Francisco Kettlebell Regional Competition

We welcome all lifters, beginners and pros, to come compete at the StudioMix San Francisco Regional! All those interested in showing support for fellow Ice Chamber athletes, stop by and cheer competitors on!

KGeventpicDate: THIS Sunday, November 8th

Time: 8:00 – 1:30 PM

Location: 1000 Van Ness Ave, Fl 3, San Francisco, California 94109

Street parking available and free. Prizes will be given to 1st place winners! Please click on “WORKSHOPS” at the upper tabs to register if you plan to compete:

AKA and Studiomix welcome Kettlebell lifters at all levels to participate in this classic Kettlebell sport competition. Test your ability to go 10 minutes in Snatch, Long Cycle (Clean & Jerk), and Biathlon (Jerk / Snatch).

AKA / IUKL rules and ranking in full effect. Please see this link for more information: http://aka-sport.org/

Ice Chamber Member Profile: Susan and Rylee

Community Highlights | November 3, 2015

We started 10 years ago in March, Douglas first in 6am boot camp, then I started at 6am in April and he moved to Core. Rylee was 4 years old and was one of the first kids to enjoy Steve and Maya’s graciousness at having kids at the gym. She has grown up in this very positive, challenging, and welcoming environment.

Truly driven by a health exam with my Kaiser doctor who asked me point blank what I was doing about my weight, I was approaching my mid 40’s and was pretty much in denial that I had a weight problem. Douglas started looking online for personal trainers and IC popped up ~1/2 mile from our house. We knew nothing about it.

When Douglas first spoke with Steve, he became excited about the idea of bootcamp. I was skeptical. I wanted us to memorize the exercises and wean ourselves. Why could we possibly need personal trainers? Boy did I ever get that wrong! I NEED bootcamp. I LOVE the format. In 10 years – of 5 days per week – the workouts have never repeated! Also the constant changing forms of agony within a workout, plus a trainer holding you accountable, cannot be duplicated on one’s own (at least for me).

But even more, we Reeves need Ice Chamber – the community – the training – the multiple opportunities for health and strength that it provides. It has literally been a life changer for each one of us. When we watch our 14 year old compete at Kettlebell at National and world competitions with such a diverse IC team cheering her on, we have to pinch ourselves to recognize that this is real. She is growing into a world class athlete before our eyes. We doubt this opportunity  would have presented itself if not for this amazing gym, and these amazing people.

Rylee: I am a sophomore at Albany high: I don’t play any other sports. I like that you don’t really have to be on a team to do Kettlebell, but you still have a ton of people supporting you. I did my first competition at the Ice Chamber the day I turned 8. Now I’ve traveled all over the United States and even Germany and Ireland for the Word Championships. I like sci-fi books and movies and action/spy movies.

Susan: I recently made a career change into the nonprofit world. I am still in supply chain, but now at San Francisco SPCA. 9 months in, I love my work and the incredible organization. I grew up in Atlanta, but have been in California for 30 years this year (yikes). Rylee just took her first college tour and it was in Atlanta of all places!

I used to be quite a night owl… But 6am changed all of that for me. There is something really cool about stumbling out of bed … And simply having to do what the trainers tell me to do …  By the end of the workout I have coffee waiting for me, and I have checked off an awesome accomplishment of the day almost before I am conscious! It kinda feels like I am cheating the system. If you are time constrained, and haven’t given it a try, maybe you should (my unapologetic favoritism for 6am showing here!)

Ice Chamber Member Profile: Emily W

Community Highlights | November 1, 2015

I started at The ice Chamber in 2008, then took a couple of years off in 2009 when I had my kids. I restarted in 2013.

I played sports throughout high school and college and then was part of team and training for years.  When I moved to the East Bay, I was looking for something I could do in a group setting.  A friend told me about IC. I love the people and obviously the workouts. I love that after several years of doing this workout I still am sore all the time.

I am a nurse. I work part time at UCSF Benioff children’s hospital in pediatric oncology and part time at a cosmetic medical office where I do laser hair removal, peels, Botox, fillers and other skin care treatments.  Very different from each other, but I love both.

The Early Birds

Group Workouts | October 31, 2015


This group don’t miss a workout – ever.

Bellers on Saturdays

Uncategorized | October 30, 2015


A seriously committed bunch.


Bring a Friend

Community Highlights | October 29, 2015


Ice Chamber Friends and Family Free Class

How did YOU hear about the Ice Chamber? Did you know that the vast majority of our members found their way to us through the recommendations of friends? Lisa B. came with Renee. Kate is here via Christy. Jenny was brought in by Patty. Seth and Adina inspired Miryam and Paul. Christian is here because of his family, etc. etc.

Do you have someone you know who you think would be a natural fit at the Ice Chamber? See an IC staff about getting a free class pass and bring them in!

Those Sprints

Group Workouts | October 29, 2015


Short and fast is the way to go sometimes.