Monster Games 8-20-14

Challenges | August 19, 2014


Monsta Games 8-20-14

1) Ski Erg 15 CAL

2) Lift bag with chains (Guys 100lbs) (Gals 70lbs) over jerk box (4 stacked).

Repeat 5x

Fastest time = most points



Team Work

Challenges, Group Workouts | August 18, 2014


You know you have a good Battlezone team when they hold onto your foot to substitute the broken strap on the rower.

Try Any Bootcamp or Fitness Class this Week

Group Workouts | August 18, 2014

mixbootcampMix Up Your Fitness Routine

Make new friends & increase fitness!
August 18 – 23


Group Workouts | August 17, 2014


Every Saturday morning is an opportunity to practice perseverance.

A long time coming


Shai-El has been thinking about lifting kettlebells every day ever since she took a hiatus from the IC about 4 years ago.  Today, she is not only back to consistent training, but developing better technical habits to allow her to compete at the World Cup Las Vegas Weekend in September!

Setting Goals


Goal setting keeps us focused, prepared, and on track for the long run.



Running Club registration today. Please sign-up to attend.

Monsta Games 8-13-14

Challenges | August 13, 2014


1 tire flip = 1 opportunity to throw med ball (guys 14lbs) (gals 8lbs) to outdoor wall from 15 feet away

Each successful throw = 1 point

6 minutes to earn as many points as possible

Good luck.



Sprint to the end a la Miki Tal.

Train for the Berkeley Half or 5K

Events | August 11, 2014

courtesy of Berkeley Half Marathon website

courtesy of Berkeley Half Marathon website

1) Train for the Berkeley Half or 5K with Ice Chamber!
Come to Running Club Tues/Thurs 5:30 PM

2) Spin to the Beat with Britt tonight 6:30 PM
Last class of summer series before Elisabeth returns!

Share Your Garden

Community Highlights, Events, Food | August 10, 2014


For week 2 of the August Theme Challenge, share your garden with Ice Chamber by bringing in homegrown flowers, produce, herbs, etc.

veggie garden

A special shoutout to those who biked to bootcamp last week: Gwenn, Lee B., Toby B., Marc B., Ann B., Patty H., Jen K., Mary S., and Candy S. Especially Patty H. for riding in FOUR times!