Sayaka and Ken Demo

Sayaka Torra and Ken Kokka – East Bay Judo Institute 9/14/14 Kata from Ice Chamber on Vimeo.

Sayaka and Ken demonstrating counter attacks at the 2014 EBJI Judo Tournament in El Cerrito.

Burpee-a-thon Fundraising Update:

Please collect donations from your sponsors and turn it in by Thursday, September 25.

Instructors will perform their burpees according to the following schedule*:

Remy: Monday, September 22 @ 10AM
Steven: Tuesday, September 23 @ 9AM
Brittany: Tuesday, September 23 @ 9AM
Sara: Thursday, September 25 @ 10AM
Jess: Wednesday, September 24 @ 9AM
Elisabeth: Tuesday, September 23 @ 7AM

*Schedule may be subject to change; stay tuned for updates.

Military Pentathlon Obstacle Course

Challenges, Deep Thoughts | September 14, 2014

Anyone up for this? Jill?

The Hand-off

Group Workouts | September 11, 2014


Partner trust and teamwork.



Individual style points are awarded.



If you work for a company that offers matching donations to a non-profit, please let them know that Wellspring Educational Services,  Inc. is a qualified 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization and donations are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.  
Taxpayer ID number 46-2683948
3182 Old Tunnel Rd  Suite A  
Lafayette CA 94549

Monsta Games 9-10-14

Challenges | September 9, 2014


Tire flip 400 ft.

Fastest time = most points

The Look of Focus

Community Highlights | September 9, 2014


Miki T. with full concentration.

In the Zone

Community Highlights, Group Workouts | September 6, 2014


A nice jog to start off the morning.

Burpee Options

Challenges | September 4, 2014


Thank you to the growing list of donors and pledgers who have written checks in the gym for the Wellspring Scholarship Fund! (We encourage your friends and family to donate online since they will not be in the gym to participate).

Ann Bower, Toby, Surya, Cam & Kevin, Lisa Brodsky, Patty Harper, David Matsumoto, Annie Shiraishi, Sharon Shiraishi, Melissan Swanson, Steph Passino, Linda Torra, Filip John, Kim Christensen, Sayaka & Nate, Adena & Seth, Mary Dang, Nicki Filson, Ramona M., Benchmark Pizzeria, Christy MacDonald, Dana Tilson, Lee Balance, Deb Green, Wendy Magis, Bob Alten, Julie Brady, Russ Moore, Emily Witschi, Davey Cetina, Karina U., Amanda Foster, Alice Lee…

Because of you, we are well on our way to meeting the fundraising goal.  But let’s not stop here.  Join in on the fun and recruit your own pledges.

Here are the accepted variations of the burpee for the challenge.
Burpee Options from Ice Chamber on Vimeo.

Please join us for the 3-Minute Burpee-A-Thon! We will use this account to obtain donations, which can either be a flat rate or determined by the number of burpees you complete (e.g. $1 per burpee, to be collected afterward). Two winners will be determined: the person who collects the most money for Wellspring, and the person who completes the most burpees in the 3-Minute Burpee-A-Thon at the end of the month (to be completed in bootcamp during the week of September 22-27). The winners will receive a complimentary one-hour personal training session with Steve along with cool IC swag.

Please note, you are in charge of keeping track of the donations you garner from friends, family, companies, etc. and reporting them to Brittany.


More information about Wellspring’s Scholarship Fund can be found on their website:

Care Bear

Community Highlights | September 4, 2014


Happy Birthday to one of the most selfless, caring people we know!  Please give her lots of bear hugs today.

Monsta Games 9-3-14

Challenges | September 3, 2014


Monsta Games 9-4-14

Complete the following task in any order, division, or sequence:

Seated Ski Erg:  1000m

Seated Sled Pull (length of rope) x 6: Guys 120lbs, Gals 80lbs

Fast time = most points

Good luck.