Plank Sit-up Combo

Exercises & Movements | April 24, 2014


Thanks to Wendy Magis and Jen Frisch, we will now be holding plank while anchoring our partners’ feet during sit-up routines.

Top Honors for Jill and Matt


Congratulations to Jill and Matt for their efforts and placings in the CrossFit Games Masters Open competition!


Jill placed 25th in the world among thousands of women who competed!   In addition, Jill was the ONLY woman in the semi-finals (regionals) to submit all of her competition videos for public scrutiny, and ONE of only TWO women to even submit a video at all!


While Matt, who did not place this year, made the top 90th percentile of the 10,000+ male competitors who entered.

We are especially proud of the fact that both Jill and Matt are among the very few competitors who entered unaffiliated, putting them at a huge disadvantage against 99% of the competition pool from the very beginning.

Big ups to our athletes for their valiant efforts!

Monsta Games 4-23-14

Challenges | April 22, 2014


Monsta Games 4-23-14

To be conducted outdoors:

1. Flip tire 1x at starting position

2. Run  to sled (placed approximately 200 ft. from starting position) and drag it (90lbs for gals) (200lbs for guys) 20 ft. towards starting position (there will be reference lines marked).

3.Run back to starting position to Flip tire 1x in opposite direction (so that the tire remains stationary and is not traveling in one direction).

4. Repeat sequence until sled is at starting position.  Essentially, this is a suicide with a sled drag and tire flip.

Fastest time = Most points

Good luck.


Spring Training

Leslie in personal training with Sara to focus on sport specific movements.

Saturday mornings fun in the sun.

A better front squat means a better clean.

Adding Kettlebells to the Industrial Strength program.

Fresh Pastured Eggs from Local Farms

Food | April 20, 2014


These eggs come from happy chickens that roam freely on open pasture, without any use of antibiotics or hormones. Featured farms this week: Klingler Farms, Hungry Hollow Farms, Lost Marbles Ranch, Nichols Brow Eggs.

Buy Pastured Eggs Only $8 + Free Shipping

2014-04-17 06.11.46

Buy Organic Strawberries from Santa Cruz County Only $5.25


Buy Fresh Pastured, Hormone-free, Preservative-free Sweet Italian Sausage from Manas Ranch Custom Meats

Receive $10 off a first order of $30 or more. Promo Code: SK10OFF20
Pick up your order at the Ice Chamber on Wednesday evening or Thursday morning.


Buy Gluten Free Bread made from local and organic produce, herbs and home-dried fruits in rambunctious varieties

Catching some Sunshine

Group Workouts | April 20, 2014


As the weather continues to warm, we will experience more outdoor workouts.

Family Ties

The benefit of getting your spouse involved in the activities you love = more time doing the things you enjoy!




Throw Spin Walk

041514_03 041114_01 041114_02

Monsta Games 4-16-14

Challenges | April 15, 2014


1. Ring toss to cone approximately 20 feet away.

2. Each successful attempt will be awarded with the opportunity to complete up to 10 CAL on Ski Erg.

Most CAL on Ski Erg in 10 minutes = Most points

Support Ramona!

Community Highlights | April 15, 2014


Help support Ramona and the AIDS Life Cycle Ride!

“From June 1-7, 2014, I’m bicycling in AIDS/LifeCycle. It’s a 7-day, 545-mile bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles to make a world of difference in the lives of people living with HIV and AIDS.

Help me support AIDS/LifeCycle by giving what you can. Let’s work toward a day when positive is an attitude and not a diagnosis.  We’ll keep riding until AIDS and HIV are a thing of the past.

Thank you!!