Through the Looking Glass

Community Highlights | July 21, 2015


Another generation of IC toddlers learning by watching.

Back on My Regimen


Ian is back building his strength base for his first responder duties.

The Fam

Community Highlights | July 19, 2015


Carolyn V.B. practically raised her young family at the IC.  These kids know how important exercise is to mommy!

Canadian Kettlebell Nationals Results

Kettlebell Sport | July 18, 2015


Congratulations to ICKB members Sayaka and Jen for their achievements at the Canadian National Kettlebell Sport Championships today!

Big shout out to the CKA & directors Misty Shearer, Linda Gilmour, and Renee Martynuik for putting on a great show with the highest standards in Kettlebell lifting.  Canada is on the rise!


Jen took 2nd place in the Veterans 16kg Snatch event with 180 reps.


In her first competition with the 20kg kettlebell, Sayaka earned double CMS (candidate for master of sport), two North American Records in the 58kg weight class (20kg Long Cycle 102) (20kg Snatch 106), two gold medals, as well as the Best Long Cycle Lifter Award.


There were many outstanding sets from the men (Charlie Fornelli, Slava, Jed Nagy, to name a few) and women (Corrisa Sivorot, Christine Broadhead, etc.) but in particular, the juniors were killing it.  Two 13-14 year old female juniors (Kasha Ross and Kendra Falkenburg) broke 150 reps with the 16kg snatch!


Finally, huge props goes to Renee Martynuik and Kathryn Golbeck for making Canada’s Professional Women Team for the IUKL World Championships in Dublin!



Team Ice Chamber invades the Canadian National Championships

Kettlebell Sport | July 17, 2015



Watch live streaming of Sayaka and Jen competing at the Canadian National Kettlebell Championships in Edmonton on Saturday Aug. 18.

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Summer Relaxation

Group Workouts | July 16, 2015


Taking a jaunt outside from time to time.

All Smiles

Community Highlights | July 15, 2015

IC May1 Blog-21


Pushing and Pulling

Group Workouts | July 7, 2015


Kev and the early morning crew priming the body for some high intensity intervals on the C2.

Ice Chamber Member Profile: Kavita

Uncategorized | July 6, 2015

I started at Ice ChamDSC_5326ber in February 2013 – 9 months postpartum! I started coming to the 6am bootcamp class and liked the consistency and intensity of the workouts. I now come at 9am or 10am but I still like the fact that I can count on a good, hard workout every time I come.
I am a physician and epidemiologist by training.  I have worked at the CDC in Atlanta and the California Department of Public Health but for the last 1.5 years I have been running my own public health consulting company.  I specialize in infection control and antibiotic resistance or superbug prevention.  I also see patients in the Emergency Department at the San Francisco Veteran’s Administration.  I live in Albany with my husband and two boys so life is very busy and full!

Ice Chamber is the perfect match for my busy lifestyle.

The Palm

Exercises & Movements | July 5, 2015


Do not under estimate the power of the open hand palm thrust.