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Conveniently located at Pt. Isabel Business Park off the Central Avenue exit in El Cerrito (right next to Costco), the Ice Chamber serves as the premier fitness hub to the surrounding communities of Berkeley, Albany, Kensington, Richmond, and Pinole.

The Ice Chamber is an Internationally Renowned Physical Fitness Training Center (as featured in the Wall Street Journal, San Francisco Magazine, and ABC News)  open to people of any age and fitness level.  Home to competitive athletes and weekend warriors alike, the Ice Chamber provides a unique convergence of elite performance training and general physical preparation.

With over a decade of real world experience and world class results, our unique programs continue to advance human performance through science, safety, and experiential processing. Our philosophy unites mind, body, and spirit.  We practice sustainable fitness, not bravado workouts. We implement harmonious programs designed for long term success and community.

We offer dynamic classes and personal training options in a private studio setting.  We are rooted with the most respected accreditation in fitness industry (NSCA).   The scalability of our workouts allows for our most advanced performers to be challenged while training side by side with beginners. We develop training programs that introduce concepts of teamwork, confidence, and discipline through physical fitness.  With 7000 sq. ft. of training space, the facility layout encourages large groups of people to train and play together, which in turn builds stronger minds, bodies, and communities.

Our members enjoy the benefits of rigorous training while taking in the ambiance offered by a relaxed setting.  With ample (and free) off-street parking, the Ice Chamber is a common meeting place for friends, families, and nature lovers who leave their workouts and head out to the shoreline of the Bay Trail or Point Isabel Dog Park.  We also offer private showers, a family lounge, and a dog friendly environment which all make the Ice Chamber feel like a home away from home.

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“The Ice Chamber has been transformative.  Every time I come away amazed by what I am able to accomplish physically and mentally.” -Jeffrey L. Hendricks, PhD